The History of the Bible and Interpretation of Prophecies

The modern Bible was compiled in the fourth century AD by the Roman Emperor Constantine, whose advisers decided which manuscripts should be included and which should be left out. The choice of what to leave out was made purely to promote the message which they had decided was what the people should be allowed to know.

Many much-loved and important books were not included in the final edition of The Bible, which is in itself understandable, because space was limited, if the final book were to be of a manageable size.

What is unforgiveable is that, because many people continued to read the omitted texts, the Church ordered that all copies of these so-called Gnostic Gospels be burned and most of their content was lost to us!

To this day, the Church continues to interpret the Bible in exactly the same way as they decided, in their infinite wisdom, to be the true interpretation of this important book back in the fourth century AD. 

Unfortunately, no one at that time could possibly have interpreted prophecies of the End Times, because by and large, they were and are, impossible to understand until they have actually happenened!

Why then does the church continue to cling to explanations formulated 1800 years ago, which must of necessity be incorrect?

Jesus' disciples freely admitted that they did not understand His teachings and Jesus told them that it was not expected that they should. So, if the disciples did not understand when they were in direct contact with Jesus, how could the leaders of the church, in the 4th century AD, possibly be able to explain the scriptures themselves?

Unfortunately, with the benefit of nearly 1800 years of human development and being in the age when Jesus would have been expecting people to start to understand his teachings, they steadfastly cling to their outdated interpretation of the Bible, when they should be looking to revise their understanding in the light of modern knowledge, and educate us accordingly.

This site is designed to provoke discussion about the true meaning of these prophecies and the teachings of Jesus, in the light of modern scientific knowledge and to re-examine the Book of Revelation to see which prophecies have been conclusively fulfilled since the End Times began in 1948. 

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If we can agree that all the other prophecies have been fulfilled, exactly as promised, then we can be confident that those as yet unfulfilled should also come to pass. Those still to come are all good news and are probably due very soon if the prophecies are to be believed! 

Please, examine the articles on this website and join in the debate! A good place to start would be with the prophecy of the most important event in the last 2000 years of Jewish history, the Creation of the State of Israel in 1948