The Book of Revelation was written around 93 AD by “John of Patmos” whom some think may have been the same John who was a disciple of Jesus. If he was, he was he would have been very old at the time of these revelations.

This Book is a series of visions predicting events which would occur in the so-called "End Times", which would immediately precede the return of Jesus. The End Times were defined by the prophet Jeremiah as "starting when Israel once more lived in its own country", which started of course, in 1948.

So what we should be seeing is visions of modern events with modern inventions like aircraft, tanks, cars, skyscrapers and so on, but this doesn’t immediately appear to be the case. What we are apparently seeing are visions of things like dragons with seven heads, beasts rising out of the sea, and entities like the antichrist and the false prophet who are killing all those who will not worship them and have the number 666 written on their hands or their foreheads.

Add to this the nightmare scenario of the dreaded Armageddon, which is predicted to be a worldwide nuclear apocalypse where all those who don’t believe in, and serve God, will be destroyed! Only the few “faithful and true” will be saved, by being "snatched up to God" in the “Rapture” just before the war starts, leaving the rest of us in the proverbial!

It’s no wonder then that most people, even devout Christians, prefer to ignore what is undoubtedly the most amazing book in the Bible; amazing because all the prophecies, except the return of Jesus, and of course Armageddon, have all come true and in a most natural and relatively unspectacular way, without a single dragon or beast to be seen!

Have you seen a Dragon with Seven Heads skulking in the side streets recently? No, but it is still here, quietly going about its business. What about The Beast 666? It appeared 25 years ago, fulfilled its prophecy and went quietly into obscurity! 

This website will explain in modern terms, the fulfillment of all the prophecies, by modern events, in this amazing book. Just to alleviate any fears you may have, Armageddon, or the battle on the plains of Meggido in Israel, is just that, a local conflict, similar to what has been happening for years in Israel and what is happening now in nearby countries like Syria and Iraq.

The Bible explains everything very precisely. If only people who purport to advise us would read it carefully and not use unsubstantiated allegations as a starting point, they would more often arrive at the right interpretation of a prophecy!

The prophecies start, as one would expect, with the most important event for Israel since they were taken into captivity in Babylon around 600 BC., and the event which itself ushers in the End Times; that is to say, the prophecy of the Creation of the New Jewish State of Israel in 1948.

The prophecies continue with The Gulf War and various events which occur during this war, like the War in Heaven, the Burning of the Oil Wells as Iraq retreats from Kuwait in 1991 and follows with the revenge attack by Al Qaeda on the World Trade Center in 2001, with the vision of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It even names Osama bin Laden as the Angel of the Bottomless Pit in Chapter 9v11! I know, you think I'm joking! Look it up for yourself!

The War in Iraq follows and continues with the prophecy of the pouring out of the Seven Last Plagues, which surprisingly, if we read the prophecy very carefully and refer back to the previous one about 9/11, is not the “Wrath of God” being "poured out" but the wrath of the USA in retribution for 9/11!

Once we understand that all these prophecies have actually been fulfilled and realise that whoever inspired them knew exactly what was going to happen, we have to seriously consider the prophecies which have not yet been fulfilled, such as the Return of Jesus and the vision of  The New Heaven and the New Earth  

If there is a possibility that they are going to happen, we should try to understand exactly what they say. Although it is not usually possible to interpret prophecies before they happen, I think it is more obvious what these final prophecies mean than it was with the earlier ones.

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