The Beast 666 - A Prophecy Fulfilled in 1990

The Beast 666 is not the antichrist and will not terrorize us in the last days. It has already fulfilled its purpose in 1990 and disappeared into obscurity!

The Beast 666 is often confused with the other Beasts of Revelation, one with "two horns" and its "Image". They are three separate "beasts" who all appeared during the Gulf War in 1990 and, unlike the Beasts of Daniel, were not kingdoms!

Like all the prophecies in the Book of Revelation they could not have been identified until after they had appeared, so any attempted interpretation before 1990 would have been pure speculation! 

The current "modern" theory is that we are rapidly entering a "cashless society" where we will have a chip implanted in our right hand and we can wave this over the scanner at the local supermarket checkout, or wherever, to settle our bill. But what about left-handed people and why have it in your forhead as an alternative? 

There are two problems with this scenario. Instead of thieves stealing your credit cards, it won't be long before some criminals will start chopping off hands to use your credit facilities or, if you are stupid enough to have the implant in your head, you are likely to be decapitated!

In any case, what has this arrangement got to do with the number 666?

BUT, if we could find something which has the number 666, has appeared since 1948, and without quoting this number, no one could buy or sell their goods, then one would assume that many would recognise it as a realistic identification of the elusive Beast 666.

Although many who do not subscribe to the cashless society explanation, are still waiting for the horrendous "beast" to appear and terrorise us in The End Times, the prophecy of the Beast 666 was fulfilled in 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. 

UN Resolution number 661 immediately prevented anyone buying from, or selling to, either Iraq or Kuwait, a normal trade sanction when one country invades another.

Unfortunately, many innocent civilians died through lack of food and medical supplies and the UN passed another resolution to allow trading for humanitarian reasons only, and this was done by passing Resolution 666. 

The number 666 had to appear on the TRADING DOCUMENTS and this would have been traditionally written at the TOP, OR ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE of the document, because this is where it would have been clearly visible.

So no one could buy or sell, in that part of the world, at that time, unless he had the number of the "beast" 666 written on the top (forehead) or the right hand (side) of his trading documents.

The Beast 666 was therefore a United Nations Resolution, as was the other "Beast" and its "Image", which everyone had to obey, or be killed.

They are often confused with each other and the "image" is often said to be an image of the Beast 666. But there is another page here devoted entirely to this other "Beast and its Image" and you will see exactly how these two "beasts" were created, by whom and for what purpose by clicking on the link above.

Surely no further explanation needs to be sought? If anyone is under the impression that the ban on trading would be a permanent and worldwide one, then that  assumption, is incorrect and there is nothing in the prophecy to suggest that it was ever intended to be so! 

Why not look at the two other prophecies already fulfilled which are connected to the Beast 666 in the Book of Revelation, namely the War in Heaven and The Bottomless Pit